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Tips for getting that creative spark for blogs

Creative spark for blogs Do you struggle finding a creative spark for blogs? Sometimes creativity is a eureka moment. Whoa! Let’s rein back that image of jumping naked out of a bath with a radical thought. Because the creative spark for blogs and articles doesn’t have to be a flash of inspiration. There are lots [...]

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On Point Copywriting turns five!

I do not know where the time has gone, but somehow On Point Copywriting is five years old. As it is for most business owners, it feels like taking a big plunge to start your first company. I’ve done all the usual things a small business does. Started out on the kitchen table, um’d and [...]

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Reign vs rein vs rain

Right as reign, rein, rain! Reign, rein, rain! Does anyone need help with ‘rain’? We suggest an umbrella - It’s the wet stuff that we Brits seem to get throughout the summer (as well as autumn, winter and spring). ‘Rein’ and ‘reign’ are far more confusing though. The Oxford English Corpus cites that the term [...]

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