Our commitments

How we position On Point Copywriting to give back and offer a little help where it is possible as we strive to be a sustainable copywriting agency.

Our pledge to eco-friendliness as well as continued charity work and community partnerships are how we, as a company, can contribute to a better, greener world. These activities are closely aligned with our core values. Through Christmas donations to charities and conscious decisions to go greener, these are some of the ways we help as we strive to be a sustainable copywriting agency: 

  • In the UK, studies have shown that we use over 9.9 million tonnes of paper a year. UK office workers are some of the worst consumers, using approximately 10,000 sheets a year. By committing to a largely paperless office, we do our part in preventing this mass consumption. 
  • Small but mighty, the search engine Ecosia, which plants a tree roughly every 45 searches, is also used in the office. At the time of writing, Ecosia had already planted an incredible 190,170,968 trees. 
  • While an average website emits 1.76g of CO2 per page visit (producing enough CO2 in a year to make 28,591 cups of tea!), Global Bay offers servers that are climate positive – more than offsetting the CO2 produced.
  • We have partnered with Ecologi to plant 12 trees this year, preventing the emission of 0.33 tonnes of CO2. Through partnerships and donation, this company has planted 77.3 million trees and avoided 3.0 million tonnes of CO2E. 
  • As part of our Christmas charity giving 2023, we donated to The Royal National Lifeboat Institution’s (RNLI).Volunteers in this amazing charity risk their lives every day to help people who get into trouble in the UK’s waters, and it is a pleasure to support this good work.
  • As part of our Christmas charity giving 2023, we donated to The Community of Purpose’s Break Free programme. This provides hot meals and activities for young children (8-13) in need during the school holidays. 
  • As part of our Christmas charity giving 2023, we donated to The Great Western Air Ambulance Service which brings hospital level care and equipment to 2.1 million people in our region. 
  • We have an ongoing partnership with the University of the West of England and their work placement programme to support the next generation of writers. We welcome a third year student into the office every year, and, through expert guidance, they leave with well-developed professional skills and self-management more ready for the world of work and, perhaps, a career in writing. 
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Huw Bendon

Huw founded On Point Copywriting and leads the team, allocating the resources you need to achieve your goals. He has been copywriting since 2003 on both the client and agency side. Huw gets involved with all aspects of our service delivery with a particular focus on the planning and quality assurance stages.