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Huw Bendon is an experienced copywriter based in Bristol, UK. Having spent the best part of a decade honing his copywriting skills by making pensions sound sexy, he founded On Point Copywriting. He now manages a team of copywriters who help clients write useful, interesting communications to their target audience. Copywriter Bristol

What was the 2018 word of the year?

Every year, some of the major dictionaries publish their “word of the year”, which are identified as words most often used and searched for online. Call us nerds, but these are always eagerly anticipated in the On Point offices, as they show how our language is changing and also provide some interesting social commentary. Let’s [...]

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On Point handy tip: to ise or ize?

'ise' or 'ize'? When it comes to writing, one of the best habits to have is consistency. But even more important than that, is accuracy – after all, no one wants to be consistently incorrect (or inconsistently correct, for that matter). The English language has a lot of quirks, and sometimes these quirks can leave [...]

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How buyer personas can make your copywriting super targeted

Buyer personas for copywriting. Buyer personas are a brilliant tool to help you focus your writing on your target audience. We use them in a copywriting context. But their use goes far beyond just the writing. Beyond buyer personas for copywriting, you can use them: Across your marketing function, from designers to web developers; To [...]

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Handy tip: Is your writing idiom-proof?

Why we use idioms in writing When a boxer is taking too much punishment in the ring, their trainer is likely to admit defeat and throw in the towel. That is, both literally and figuratively. But when a client recently used this to describe someone changing from one industry to another because they saw better [...]

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How to write well by being consistent

Writing is rarely black and white. Writing rules that is, not the words on a page. Different countries have variations on spelling, one organisation varies from another in how they interpret punctuation rules, and individuals have their own style. In editing work for clients, we often see the confusion that is the fallout from this [...]

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How to write short sentences

One of the most common actions we take when editing for clients is shortening sentences. It can be really tempting to do a complete brain dump before sticking in that full stop. You might get lots of punctuation such as commas, colons and semi-colons. Or perhaps several different points being made like a daisy-chain or [...]

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2018 World Cup of Untranslatable Words

  Combining our love of beautiful words and the beautiful game we took a look through a favourite book of ours: Untranslatable Words by Ella Frances Sanders. We cross-referenced the origin of untranslatable words against nations in this summer’s football World Cup to see which countries had the best unique words. With 32 teams competing [...]

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Our favourite new words of 2017

Technology, society, politics - they all move fast. And this means that we continuously need new words to describe our lives and the world around us. We love hearing new words and seeing the way in which the English language evolves. Check out these new words and phrases which were coined recently that we particularly [...]

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When to use mixed metaphors

In school we were all taught what a metaphor is. And whether we still remember exactly what they are, all of us will use metaphors in our natural language every day – spoken or written. What we might not be so familiar with, is the mixed metaphor. These linguistic works of art do exactly what [...]

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Pro tips for proof-reading

If the thought of proof-reading sends a shiver down your spine, you are not alone. Many people will view it as a ‘time-consuming’, ‘boring’ or ‘thankless’ task. And worse still, it has a lot riding on it. Miss something important and a whole campaign could be ruined or made memorable for all the wrong reasons. [...]

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