A thorough approach to SEO landing pages

We partner with UK Digital Marketing on certain SEO projects to complement their SEO technical expertise with well written marketing copy.

The challenge

We work with many other specialist and general marketing agencies to add our copywriting expertise to their core services. UK Digital Marketing had a client in the window trade who was looking for ways in which to win more work for one of their franchisees.

UK Digital Marketing advised them to create some hyper-targeted geographical landing pages that match well-researched industry keywords with precise areas of their territory.

Knowing that Google rewards original well-written content they asked us to translate these business and SEO goals into good quality landing page copy.

The solution

We started by arranging telephone calls with all the key stakeholders in the project to understand their priorities.

We then applied one of our tried and tested workflows to the project to complete it with maximum efficiency. There were six geographical landing pages required in total, and the workflow involved creating a templated structure to be re-used for each page. The template would allow for a sufficient wordcount to be impactful as an SEO landing page, whilst serving up useful information to the reader and hitting the keywords and phrases required.

We then wrote one of the pages to this structure and presented back to all the key people to ensure they were happy with the result. When this first page was signed off, we rewrote the page five times, changing the geographical references and rewriting or structuring each sentence to make every page truly unique.

The impact

Because of our experience in this type of project, we were able to produce very high quality work at a reasonable price, making it an affordable solution for the end client. They were able to implement what is a significant marketing project for an SME in a relatively short space of time.

After successful completion of the project, UK Digital Marketing once again knew they could refer On Point Copywriting with confidence, safe in the knowledge that we look after their clients well and deliver on what we say we will.

“We have now been working with Huw at On Point Copywriting for over a year and have been impressed with the work that has been completed on several projects. I am also very happy to recommend Huw and his team at On Point Copywriting to our wider network.

“Thank you for our ongoing successful relationship. We are keen to nurture and grow it into 2024 and beyond.”

Kevin Dunn, CEO Company Founder and Owner, UK Digital Marketing
Article flow

“I am now going through the process of implementing the regional landing pages and am running through (in depth) On Point’s new content for these pages.

“Previously, I had skim read the entries and they seemed very good so I was happy (but busy) and I didn’t pay enough attention to the job that On Point Copywriting had completed. Having now started working with this content I want to take my hat off. This content is excellent.

“On Point Copywriting have not simply changed the geographic location to make the pages ‘different’, instead they have written the same stuff in a completely different way for each entry! The correct way to do the task. Huw, many thanks, you are a master of your craft.”

Third party website developer and marketer on the project