Creating local publicity for a client with a press release

A Glastonbury-based photography studio, Made Portraits, asked us to write an engaging press release which would capture the personality and achievements of the business.

Crucial to Made Portraits owner Neil Bremner was the tone of voice within his press release. This was of particular importance due to the family-orientated nature of his business. On this occasion he was looking to publicise his recent successes and give some background on his photography studio. A press release was the ideal way to do so.

The light-heartedness of Neil’s blog articles and social media posts are a great reflection of his studio; quirky, funny and distinctive. On Point were tasked with replicating this online presence whilst sharing a large amount of relevant information concisely.

When life gives you lemons…

Having sent us everything we needed to know, it was our task to be selective of what we featured within the press release. We needed to highlight the key points which Neil had sent through. And keep in mind the audience to which he was looking to appeal.

With recent award wins aplenty and unique ventures such as the hilarious Lemon Babies project, Made Portraits had plenty to shout about. With the intention of drumming up interest from media outlets, On Point provided a sample of information which suited Neil’s specification to a tee. This resulted in a double-page spread for Made Portraits and exposure in the local market which Neil was keen on catering to.

A glowing appraisal

Neil was over the moon with the final press release, and felt it was consistent with the recognisable style he was keen to maintain.

Upon completion of the press release, Neil had this to say:

I felt I would probably make it sound too personal which is why I wanted someone to do it for me. I spoke to On Point, sent through way too much information for them to dissect and the truth is, having never used a copywriter before, what I expected back was something that covered my points that was well written, but would be a little disconnected.

Oh, how I was wrong!

I opened their email while stood outside my daughter’s school waiting to pick her up and giggled in glee at how amazing this person was they had written about. I sound incredible! I then read it out to four mums I was chatting to who agreed that the press release sounded great and then they commented that it absolutely fitted with the studio’s personality. On Point had somehow managed to tune in to the studio’s personality and then produce the most incredible summary of my last few months.

Neil Bremner, Owner, Made Portraits