Helping a business growth expert establish a consistent presence on LinkedIn

Niki Matyjasik approached us for help maintaining a consistent presence on LinkedIn. She wanted to stay connected with her target audience and invite business owners in need of growth support to work with her through a variety of programmes.

The challenge

While Niki was perfectly capable of writing good quality LinkedIn posts herself, the challenge, as for many business owners, was in guaranteeing that it was done consistently and with sufficient frequency.

She asked us to collaborate with her and her team to deliver two LinkedIn posts a week, with content that would engage and add value to her target audience, whilst promoting a range of services which she offered.

The solution

Applying tried and tested theory to develop an interesting combination of content from useful tips and lightbulb moments to interactive polls and challenging questions, we created a framework for a monthly content plan. It was designed to earn the right to promote Niki’s business growth services alongside enhancing her credibility in her field.

With the plan established we got to work with producing the posts, delivered weekly in advance in a Word document for Niki and her team to add visuals and upload onto LinkedIn.

The impact

As a busy business owner, Niki doesn’t need to spend excess time developing ideas for weekly LinkedIn posts, or writing them. There is a plan in place to hit the right messaging with frequent posts which are prepared to a high written technical standard in a voice appropriate to Niki.

As part of a wider visibility strategy, Niki has enjoyed record months for her business, new sign-ups to her service range and exciting growth plans ahead.

The reason I chose to work with On Point Copywriting, is their ability to really understand the tone of voice and language that I want to get across to my audience and my ideal client. 

The time is taken every month to understand my business and the direction it is going in, in order for the right content to be produced.  Thank you so much to Huw and the team for a consistently great job!

Niki Matyjasik