Helping a marketing agency produce engaging website content for a leading London law firm

We were approached by The BD Consultancy who were writing a new website for a London-based law firm. With a tight deadline and unique specification, we helped them produce a large volume of content within a short period to ensure client satisfaction.

The BD Consultancy specialise in providing professional services firms with business development support. This includes delivering campaigns, outsourced marketing and training for firms across the UK.

They called on On Point Copywriting as a reliable producer of high-quality copy to assist with writing a new website for a leading London law firm. There was one particular issue for them though – the law firm required more than 120 pages of copy produced over a few short weeks during the summer holidays.

Working to a deadline

We confirmed the amount of copy we would be able to produce without overpromising what it was possible for us to deliver, and set to work studying the detailed brief. There was a lot to consider, including technical information, style guidelines and the end-client’s USPs.

Once we fully understood the brief, we commenced with the writing. Initially producing a small sample of pages, we presented these back to The BD Consultancy to ensure that our output was in line with what they were producing. Barring one or two minor alterations, it was!

Over the course of the next two weeks we worked through all of the briefs we were given. It was a complex task which required elements of judgement, creativity, and precise attention to detail – and all to such a tight deadline. But we did our part as promised and The BD Consultancy handled the rest expertly.

The client verdict

The end client was delighted to launch their website in the Autumn with its new less formal, more approachable tone.

Commenting on their collaboration with On Point Copywriting, Claire Fowler, a director at The BD Consultancy, said:

On Point have been extremely valuable in helping us deliver a project with tight timescales. They produced excellent work on time and on budget, with clear communication and updates throughout. They were very calm and considered in response to the challenges and asked all the right questions up front to ensure they could just go and get the job done.

It was very reassuring for us to know that their work would be the best we could ask for on the first draft. The project was not easy, but dealing with On Point made it much easier to meet our objectives.

Claire Fowler, Director, The BD Consultancy