Laying the foundations for great copy with a buyer persona and tone of voice writing style guide

When we were commissioned to write new website copy for small sign and label manufacturer JPS Online, we ensured we’d understand the business inside-out with a thorough planning meeting.

JPS Online is one of the premier suppliers of small signage and labels in the UK. Founder Brian Chaplin was on a mission to give the company a makeover and drive business growth. And a new website was part of that plan.

On Point Copywriting was recommended to Brian by his website developer to craft the copy, and we set to work understanding this business. It is a highly niche service with niche customers. We felt it essential to take a deep dive into the business and Brian’s mind to understand their USPs and target audience.

During a two-hour discovery meeting at On Point HQ, we discussed Brian’s plans, his ethos and the personality of the business. And just as importantly, what drives and influences his customers.

Buyer persona

We discovered that the target audience, often project engineers, are routinely under huge time pressure. While price is important, they value reliability and responsiveness the most. And it is essential that their orders are delivered to spec. There was much more of course, but that is not for sharing here.

We wrote all this up in a buyer persona and used it to make JPS Online’s copy super targeted to the target audience.

Tone of voice writing style guide 

It was important to Brian that his personality was reflected in the business, and taking the time to prepare tone of voice guidelines was an effective way to do this. We also documented the key USP messaging and phrases to use and avoid.

Getting this down in an instructional document ensured that On Point Copywriting would capture the essence of the business in our writing, both on this project and future work we did for the client.

The discovery meeting that we had at On Point’s offices was very thorough. Seeing this written up through a buyer persona and tone of voice guidelines reassured me that they would get our personality and the messaging spot on. And that is exactly what On Point Copywriting achieved with the copy for our new website.

Brian Chaplin, JPS Online

Extra value from buyer personas and tone of voice writing style guide

These documents have helped us when we’ve done subsequent work for JPS Online, saving time on further briefing and ensuring consistency. But they are also of enduring use to the client. Brian has grown his team since we started working with him. And the buyer persona and tone of voice writing style guide were a great way for a new digital marketing manager to hit the ground running.