A few weeks ago, Donald Trump shocked us, yet again, with one of his tweets. But rather than indulging in his apparent preferred pastime of offending or firing someone, it was his (mis)use of the English language that attracted attention.

He tweeted “Despite the constant negative press covfefe”. Naturally, no one had a clue what he was talking about due to ‘covfefe’ being…well, not a real word!

Twitter users took in their droves to try and decipher what ‘covfefe’ meant, whilst dishing out much ridicule along the way. Some suggested that it could be a type of seasoning, the new Rita Ora single, or an anagram of ‘I resign’.

This highlights the repercussions that can sometimes occur if you release content that has typos, bad grammar, and poor punctuation.

The amount of media publicity this conjured up shows just how important it is to have your content thoroughly proof read before being published. Just because the American president doesn’t deem it important to have his Tweets proof read, it doesn’t mean your businesses shouldn’t get its writing checked!

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