My student work placement with On Point

My time working with Huw and On Point has proven to be one of the most valuable and relevant work experiences I have had to date.

It’s 9 January, on a freezing cold (literally freezing) morning at 11:15. I’m sitting on my second bus of the day, swallowed by my oversized jacket and sweater and somehow still slightly shivering. Oh, did I mention that I am TERRIFIED? I’m on my way to my first day of my UWE work placement with On Point. I’d met Huw before Christmas, and he had been incredible at letting me know what I was going to do on my placement. I know this but that doesn’t change how nervous I am.

I arrive early. So early in fact, that I have 45 minutes. I wanted to be early just in case some freak accident happened that required 45 minutes of my time. I get a hot drink. I drink it. I throw it out. I pace up and down the vibrant Gloucester Road until I imagine it’s close enough to 12pm that it wouldn’t be awkward to go into the office. I finally step in. Huw greets me as I approach his desk and I can breathe a bit easier because at least my irrational fear of having the wrong time or date is nullified.

That day, and the five days that followed it, were so rewarding for both Huw and me. Yes, they might have been filled with specialty specific jargon that I mildly hate (one day I will wrap my head around that damn SEO), but they also taught so much about copywriting. During my time here, I worked on pages for On Point’s website, created content for LinkedIn, and was even lucky enough to contribute towards some client copy. At the same time, I learned more about On Point’s values and commitments (I even wrote the pages!) and about Huw.

Did you know there are around 600 million blogs on the internet?

With On Point, I was able to healthily challenge my writing. I learned how to write less formally and more persuasively. I was able to let my creativity flow through the production of LinkedIn posts or through the service pages that I created. I learned incredible statistics about the writing world (did you know there are around 600 million blogs on the internet?). All in all, I left the workplace feeling like I had gotten all I could have from my placement.

And now that I have had such a positive glimpse into the copywriting industry, I am certain I will be back soon.

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Catherine Flaherty

Undertaking our 2023/24 work placement at On Point, Catherine is a third-year student studying English at UWE. With an interest in post-graduate study and publishing, she has got involved in a range of projects at On Point Copywriting, including social post writing, research and written updates to our own website.