Once your document is near completion but you want to ensure there are no mistakes that could bring it down have it proof-read by an expert.

Proof-reading is the final stage in the copywriting process before publication. Allocating time and expertise to a thorough proof-read is essential to ensure your content is published to the required standards. Outsourcing to On Point Copywriting’s proof-reading services gives you an expert second pair of eyes to achieve this.

Most obvious is the need to ensure there are not errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. But a good proof-read will consider far more than this. For instance, often there is more than one way of implementing spelling, punctuation and grammar. So it is important to be consistent as well as correct. Think choosing to spell with an “ise” or “ize” for example, both of which can be correct. Or whether to include punctuation at the end of bullet points. Or how you should apply capitalisation.

If there is too much of this work to do, we would re-classify the project as a copy-edit and complete that before proof-reading. But our methodology allows us to do this seamlessly for you, so it is not something you will particularly notice. You’ll just see our final work done to a high standard.

The important point to note is that we are highly experienced in proof-reading and a company you can rely on for proof-reading services.

What else does proof-reading experience bring? 

One of the most important attributes in a proof-reader is judgement. When we are at the final of stage of signing off a piece of writing, it is important to understand when to suggest a change and when to leave something alone. Sometimes a proof-reader has to let a stylistic point that they would do differently pass. 

Judgement is also important in applying a final common-sense check to a piece. Is there anything too contentious that may get the publisher into trouble? Hopefully this will have been picked up at an earlier stage, but having an experienced proof-reader provides an extra safety net.

Allocating time and expertise to a thorough proof-read is essential to ensure your content is published to the required standards.

How we deliver our proof-reading services to you

Whenever possible we will proof-read in Microsoft Word with tracked changes turned on. We are expert in the tools this software provides for proof-reading, and the tracked changes allow you to see precisely what we have done.

It is vital to strip out distractions when proof-reading. In our tranquil writing studio we have the perfect environment in which to do this. One final point. The human brain is too smart for its own good sometimes. It is more than capable of glossing over mistakes like filling in a missing word or correcting a spelling mistake. This is one of the biggest risks in proof-reading. But getting a second pair of eyes from On Point to check your writing is a great defence against it.

That looks great – friendly and easy to understand, another fabulous job! I’m amazed how you manage to pull everything together and then produce something which is really easy to read. 

Tracy Dixon

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On Point had completely grasped the needs of the business. It was like I had written it myself (BUT BETTER!!).

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Huw is a thoroughly professional and likeable individual and I recommend him unreservedly.

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It has been a pleasure working with you on this project and I am grateful for the speed and the excellent work produced.

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As someone who thought that writing was easy I now realise that if you want good marketing material you should get in a professional, and On Point Copywriting are consummate professionals.

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I’d recommend On Point Copywriting to companies running or involved in events, who want to generate engaging content which tells their story and showcases their products or services.

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You have nailed our content calendar. I’m very impressed, and more than happy to proceed with your suggested schedule.

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Clearwater IT

Thank you so much for your speedy, efficient and quality work on the scripts for the NHS video. 

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Company Director, Zanshin Films

Our buyer persona and tone of voice guidelines reassured me that On Point would get our personality and the messaging spot on. And that is exactly what they achieved with the copy for our new website.

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JPS Online

We have used On Point Copywriting on several occasions and have been very pleased with each written piece. We would recommend On Point Copywriting to others without hesitation.

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