About us

We are On Point Copywriting – A copywriting agency in Bristol that’s helping the world communicate more clearly with outstanding written content.

About us

We want to help people and their businesses communicate clearly. We think it makes the world a better place, allowing everyone to achieve more. Clearer communication increases sales, improves customer service, avoids confusion, develops relationships and helps buyers make the right decisions.

We achieve this for our clients by developing successful processes to optimise our work. And by building a team of intelligent, creative and nice people to deliver it.

Our team can plan copy and content, write it and put it through a robust quality assurance process. We can do any or all of those services for you. And we are also developing a range of training and mentoring services to help improve your, or your team’s, writing skills.

We think you’ll get most value by working with us on long-term content projects like regular blogs and email newsletters. Or monthly marketing support. This is because the longer we work together the better we get to know you and your requirements. And also because achieving consistently good copy is an ongoing process. But if you prefer, we can also deliver one-off projects.

We have been going since 2012 and have served more than 130 clients across most sectors. We’ve been working with many of our clients regularly for years. We are based near central Bristol on the iconic Gloucester Road in Raw Space – a vibrant co-working space which is also suitable for hosting meetings and training events.

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Huw Bendon

Huw founded On Point Copywriting and leads the team, allocating the resources you need to achieve your goals. He has been copywriting since 2003 on both the client and agency side. Huw gets involved with all aspects of our service delivery with a particular focus on the planning and quality assurance stages.

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Our team

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