Email newsletters

Email newsletters allow you to update your clients with important information about your business. They help build familiarity and trust with your brand over time, so when your services are required clients are more likely to get in touch.

At the very top level, just having your company name flash in front of readers is beneficial. This is so even if they do not have time to read it. Your newsletter simply shows that you are still around and open for business. At the next level, your reader may not have time to read the articles. But a scan of the newsletter messaging will get them up to date with what you have been up to. It will highlight what the topics of conversation are in your industry, reinforcing your position as a voice of authority. 

Our email newsletter services 

Working with On Point Copywriting for your email newsletter services not only makes your life easier but will result in high quality content your costumers want to read. We can help you: 

  • Decide on the frequency and format of your email newsletters. Plan your content and create content calendars, then writing the articles and scripts. 
  • Send, design and set up emails and report on open rates (as an additional service). 

We will only do as much as you need from us. You can do the campaign management in-house if you wish. 

The benefits of our email newsletter service 

Using On Point Copywriting to plan and create your content newsletters brings with it a myriad of benefits. The biggest are: 

  • Regularly promoting your services, as well as your brand. 
  • Keeping your customers up-to-date and engaged with you. 
  • Sharing useful industry insight and news to be of value to your client base. 

Contact us 

Whether you are looking to polish your newsletter with our editing services, start a new one from scratch, or hand over the reins of an existing newsletter to a trusted pair of hands, we can help. Have you thought about other content such as adding videos to your newsletter? We can help with that too via an associate. So just ask

You laid out the information more clearly and succinctly in a more relaxed manner.

Kevin Hurlow

Responsible Equity Release

Pulling out a clear message from a lot of IT industry jargon is an accomplishment and you have managed it every time.

Chris Pottrell

Managing Director, Nebula IT Services

I am happy to inform you that I have already concluded some business with a new client who replied to the sales letter.

Lee Ambrose

Owner/ Principal, Clarity Copiers Bristol Central

That looks great – friendly and easy to understand, another fabulous job! I’m amazed how you manage to pull everything together and then produce something which is really easy to read. 

Tracy Dixon

Partner and Designer, Juice Creative

On Point had completely grasped the needs of the business. It was like I had written it myself (BUT BETTER!!).

Glyn Rushent

Proprietor, GR Autos

Huw is a thoroughly professional and likeable individual and I recommend him unreservedly.

Felix Spender

Founder, Northlight Solutions

It has been a pleasure working with you on this project and I am grateful for the speed and the excellent work produced.

Jane Whitehouse

Managing Director, isGroup

As someone who thought that writing was easy I now realise that if you want good marketing material you should get in a professional, and On Point Copywriting are consummate professionals.

Peter Ellis

Managing Director, Accommodation Unlimited

I’d recommend On Point Copywriting to companies running or involved in events, who want to generate engaging content which tells their story and showcases their products or services.

Katy Evans

Associate Director, RTH plc

You have nailed our content calendar. I’m very impressed, and more than happy to proceed with your suggested schedule.

Toby Hoare

Clearwater IT