The differences between to, too and two

To, too and two. What do these three words have in common? Answer: They are homophones – meaning that, although sounding the same, they have different meanings, origins or spellings. These common words are sometimes [...]

Competition time – May 2017

Competition now closed - May 2017 For an opportunity to win a nostalgic box of sweet-shop themed chocolates, simply answer this question: What's the name of the technique used by Roald Dahl to overcome writer's [...]

Writer’s block – What causes it and how do you deal with it?

What is writer’s block? Do you need to have that article written by 5pm today? Do you need to hit that precise word count but you’re still several sentences short? Has your writing come to [...]

How to use subheadings

How to use subheadings We regard subheadings as essential – especially when it comes to writing long copy. They are a key device to use when breaking up the structure of a piece of writing. [...]

Emojis – the fastest growing language in history

When should you use emojis in business? There are 6,500 spoken languages in the world today - and words are evolving all the time. But you might be surprised to discover that the fastest [...]

Competition time – March 2017

Competition now closed - March 2017 This month's prize is an On Point Copywriting 'Marvellously Magnificent Easter Egg' - made by Thorntons! To be in for a chance to win, simply read this post from our [...]

What is a non-sequitur?  

How to spot a non-sequitur Non-sequitur translates from Latin to mean “it does not follow.” So a non-sequitur is when a statement is invalidated or does not make sense because it does not naturally follow on [...]

Should you use numerals or letters?

A question we are often asked is, 'Should numbers be spelt out or written numerically?' Different organisations have different takes on this, and perhaps the most important thing is to be consistent. Many publishers produce [...]

How do you spell… licence vs license?

A Licence To Spell Some words are such a chore to spell right. Like license and licence - what is the difference between them (apart from the ‘s’ and ‘c’ at the end) and when [...]

Competition time – February 2017

Competition now closed - February 2017 For this month’s opportunity to win some scrumptious chocolates, simply read this post from our blog and answer this question: What will make you go mad if you take [...]